Balltrolley for 16 balls

The ball trolley is suitable for any sport that has to move materials from the material shed to the field. The fixed wheel set on the cart makes it easy to move, furthermore the ball trolley is unique in that it is fully equipped with mesh panels and also serves as a '' lockable ball house ''. This not only provides convenience but also a bit of safety.


Maximum of 16 balls

Easy with transport

Lock it with padlock



Fixed wheel-set

The balls are aired through the mesh


The ball trolley is weather resistant, because use is made of different materials such as stainless steel and aluminum combined with a special coating, the ball trolley can be used well on the sports fields.

Dimensions of the Balltrolley

Mesh: 40 x 150 mm

Depth: 565 / 755 mm

Wide: 525 mm

Height: 950 mm

Ballenkar 2.png