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The BallTrolley has been developed by Holland Sport Systems.


Holland Sport Systems BV. has been active in the field of sports since 2007 and is excellent at furnishing material spaces with the so-called 'ball lockers'.


In addition, we focus on the further design of sports parks and stadiums, such as grandstand chairs, folding or leather chairs for the business club, sustainable outdoor furniture, such as picnic tables, benches, ashtrays, tiles and fencing.

Materiaallockers in gaas

Ballen-, tassen- of golflockers


Tribunestoelen in diverse uitvoeringen

Kunststof buitenmeubilair

Kluisjes of gerderobekasten

Doelen en dug-outs

RVS Stellingen

Plantenbakken en asbakken (t.b.v. buiten terrein)